Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Super Fresh samples that I hope make it out to retail. Nothing beats the Atmos Safari AM1s, they are still top dog. But I'm liking these considering that not many solid AM1s have been released of late. I got my fingers crossed and hope that these make it out in the near future.



Saw these on Dante Ross' blog. I like these a lot. Very simple and clean, perfect for the Summer days. Colorways are solid and the lines on the midsoles are very nautical-like. I'm just worried that they would be uncomfortable. When you run around and stand a lot for work, I usually rock runners. But these are soooooo Crisp & Clean.


Alife and Dante Ross connect on this T-shirt that's pretty funny. Apparently it's an inside Joke between Jest (of Alife) and Dante Ross the Scrub. I would have picked-up the Tee, but not sure it would be a good look for me to wear. But I like the Grammy-like theme on the front.

Dante Ross


Okay so I can understand a Hybrid trainer 1 mashed-up with an AM90, it doesn't really hit home. But now you've gone too far!! Now it's personal!! I'm a HUGE fan of both the Air Max and Air Trainer 1. This Hybrid is horrendous. There, I said it!! I like the Idea that both the AT1 and Am1 are from 1987 and that they are 2 classics from the past, but it's just NOT right. Oh well, call me a purist or OG old goat, but I can't stomach this. I guess for me to really appreciate a hybrid or fusion, the outcome must be better than the OG pairs. If you take 2 or 3 pairs and mash them together, please make sure the results are better than each pair standing alone. Doesn't that make cents (sense) get the idea!!!

Thank God these are samples!!!!


Monday, April 27, 2009


NSW keeps things sizzling for summer. I previously posted some other wovens last month. This latest Air Woven release takes a Tiffany-like colorway and runs with it. Solid release that should go real nice with my Tiffany & Co. wedding band.



Nike's legendary Sky Force High comes "back 2 life", like soul 2 soul!! Colorways look simple and seem to be OG-like colorways, but I could be wrong. Regardless, they are Super-Fresh. Nike Sportswear is steady killing like a seasoned Jedi Knight!! Origianlly released in the early 80's, you can see some hints of other basketball models released around the same time. Air Force 1, Terminators, Airships and Dynasty Hi's all come to mind. All-time Classics!!!



Like Black Rob would say "WHOA" (where is that guy anyways?? Is he locked-up or homeless??) Anyways, back to the pair of kicks pictured above. I could only think of 1 thing, Sacrilegious!!!



Bell & Ross keep releasing some soon-to-be classic watches. This model "BR 01-93 24H GMT" is a great looking watch. I'm not sure if I can get used to the HUGE square watch, but it looks fantastic and reminds me of the X-Men plane "Blackbird Lockheed SR-71". Stealth baby!! The watch features a 24 hour secondary time zone on the bezel with a large orange GMT indicator to keep you on-time no matter where you are in the world.


Friday, April 24, 2009


This pair (minus the colorway) kills the Air Yeezy. I would rather rock these than the Futuristic-Frankenstein-like Yeezy's. If these came out in the same colorways as the Yeezy's and had a Huge Strap on them, it would be a wrap. If it were the Air Jayzy the Internet would crash!! I'm usually not a Hater when it comes to kicks, but the Madness that the Yeezy's caused was IMO un-warranted. But Kanye is a Beast when it comes to Hyping-up stuff - "ALL EYES ON ME" syndrome.

I remember this model from back in the days, right beside the Basketball kicks on the wall. Usually possessing gum outsoles and solid white/grey colorways with an accent color. Classics!!!



I a huge sucker for metallic, so it's only right that I lose my mind over these AM1s. Hopefully it comes to Canada/US. But rumoured as a European exclusive! If not I'm heading straight for E-bay UK. 2 pairs please!!!



New Supreme Summer T-shirts are out. "Two of the t-shirt designs will feature the artwork of Pedro Bell. Pedro Bell is an American artist/illustrator who is best known for his elaborate Funkadelic album cover designs such as One Nation Under a Groove, Cosmic Slop and Hardcore Jollies. Here’s a video interview with Pedro about the inspiration behind his art."



I Love the LaCie Rugged line of externals. I 1st saw DJ Jazzy Jeff pancaking 2 of these while tearing up a local club in the MTL. I had never seen anything like it before. I then started seeing other Notable Djs like A-trak using it. Needless to say, I now have 2 of these myself and I can't live without it's storage, speed, protection and looks. 1 TB is pretty LARGE!!! I wish X-mas was around the corner so I can get 1 of these in my stocking.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Finally a nice, clean pair comes from the David Z camp. After numerous collabs from Asics and David Z, I can actually appreciate the nice use of color and details. Speckled mid-soles along with some nice shades of grey and sky blue. Not sure if you guys have ever tried on a pair of Gel Lyte 3s, but they are mad comfy and have a unique Split-tongue design that keeps the wearer from having "Lazy-Tongue" (when the shoes tongue slides to the outside of each foot). I own 7 pairs of Gel Lyte 3's and as soon as I track these down it will be 8 pairs total.

via: Sneakernews


Here we have 3 really dope pairs of Air Max Lights. These will help keep me hustling to come up with some loot to grab these when they drop. I'm a Big fan of the AM lights. I especially love the last pair on the bottom. I'm gonna need @ least 2 pairs of these. The month of May looks like its gonna be a CRAZY one.

"As one of the first Air Max models ever introduced, you would think that there would be more love for the Nike Air Max Light, especially considering the nostalgia-craving nature of the sneaker community. The Air Max Light was originally released in 1989, meaning that the shoe is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and what better way to celebrate than to bring it back into favor with some fresh contemporary colorways. As a result, three striking new versions of the Air Max Light will begin hitting stores next month.

One new colorway features a black upper with orange accents, sections of white mesh and a clean white midsole. The other two versions use almost the same color combinations, with one going light and the other dark. Both use various shades of grey with bright green accents, but one sports white mesh sections with a white midsole, while the other features black mesh and a black midsole. Needless to say after checking out these pics, that all three do the original design proper justice and will no doubt help the Air Max Light to make up some ground on some of the Air Max models that overshadow it. Look for all three to arrive at select Nike retailers such as Sneakology this May. Via EUkicks."



I wanna know who is the creative director for JDSports out of the UK. The person or people from JD Sports who directly deal with Nike are some of my favorite people!! And I don't even know them. They consistently put out colorways that are HOT. Often sticking to OG colorways or drawing inspiration from Nike Classics. A recipe that an OG sneakerhead loves and can never get enough of. Nike North America needs to look to JDSports and (concepts japan) for more ideas or releases. I need a serious hook-up from someone across the pond to help me track these down. I guess I will try ebay.

"The Air Max Light has long been overshadowed by more prominent Air Max classics, but after taking a look at the new colorways that have been popping up lately, there is a good chance that we will be seeing a lot more of this classic style on people’s feet. Yesterday, we showed you three very nice new Air Max Light colorways that will be hitting stores next month, but now we get news that this White/Dark Grey/Max Orange edition has just been released. The shoe features a suede Light Grey/Dark Grey upper with a White mesh toe box and bright Max Orange accents giving it something of an Infrared Air Max 90 feel, but maintaining its own personality. A clean white midsole and white laces complete the look, making this Air Max Light colorway one of the best we’ve seen. If you agree, you can get over to JDsports now to pick up a pair, because they will be the only store to receive this exclusive colorway."



Today, April 22nd, 2009 is a great day in the year. Earth day!! We celebrate our beautiful planet and look to keep it that way by making people aware of how we have neglected Earth over the years. We all must do our part to help keep Earth clean and maintain it's precious resources that we have taken for granted.

Well, I know I do my part by recycling and cleaning up after myself. I make sure to dispose of dangerous materials properly and also clean up after our neighbors who aren't so Earth friendly.

The Boy Wonder.....KID K.I.C.K.S. takes it a step further by celebrating Earth day with NIKE and Steve Nash. I feel even as a sneakerhead, you have to do your part in helping Mother Earth!! I'm a HUGE fan of the TRASH TALK ZOOM MVP.

"To celebrate Earth Day on April 22, Nike has set to release the Nike Zoom MVP Trash Talk in black/purple and white/orange. The Trash Talk’s respect Earth Day because they use 100% recycled and recyclable materials, including black leather and synthetic leather leftovers, rubber from Nike Grind recycle material, polyester, and used EVA. Even the box uses recycled fiber to give the finishing touch to a certainly respectable shoe. No trash talk here except for that of eco-friendly materials. The black leather upper of the first pair is offset by a purple suede swoosh, and the white leather upper of the second is offset by a white swoosh with an orange outline. The stitching design on the side panel definitely adds some flavor to this celebratory pair of sneakers. "

So you know I managed to get a few pairs of the ZOOM MVP TRASH TALK. 3 pairs in all! Hey I'm just trying to do my part. Big shout out to my homeboy MBIZZY from the Swoosh for looking out for "the Boy Wonder.....KID K.I.C.K.S."

1st up is the Steve Nash "ALL-STAR game edition" - Even though he did not make the squad.

Next 2 pairs were mentioned above. Released today on April 22nd, 2009 on EARTH DAY!!

What's really kool is that each pair is somewhat unique where the triangles are not identical to each other. On the right shoe it might have more shiny triangles than the left pair, making both shoes unique and different from each other. Nice details!!!



Saw this and was instantly captivated. I need me 1 of these, but was wondering why I would be travelling with more than 2-4 watches. I just pick the watch that would suit my needs best and work well with my gear. Sneakers on the other hand is a different story, I'll pack 2-3 pairs and save room for bringing back 2-4 pairs from my travels. I've even bought a new suitcase or duffle bag to help bring my sneaker pick-ups during my travels.

I would still love to have this watch case for future trips.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Super-Duper Dope release from the swoosh.  This has Classic written all over it.  I actually prefer these over the OG comets.  Sign me up for 2 pairs minimum!!


Big Congratulations to the United Front for banging out these dope Hikers.  Back in the early 90's I used to rock Hikers on a regular.  From Timberland, New Balance, Nike and Adidas. Rocked with a dope Champion sweater and some Levi's jeans.

RANSOM comes up to bat and smashes it out of the park with  a walk-off home run.  Colorways look real nice and Materials looks like quality.  They look perfect for the Northern Climate like Canada. Can't wait to see these when they drop.