Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today, April 22nd, 2009 is a great day in the year. Earth day!! We celebrate our beautiful planet and look to keep it that way by making people aware of how we have neglected Earth over the years. We all must do our part to help keep Earth clean and maintain it's precious resources that we have taken for granted.

Well, I know I do my part by recycling and cleaning up after myself. I make sure to dispose of dangerous materials properly and also clean up after our neighbors who aren't so Earth friendly.

The Boy Wonder.....KID K.I.C.K.S. takes it a step further by celebrating Earth day with NIKE and Steve Nash. I feel even as a sneakerhead, you have to do your part in helping Mother Earth!! I'm a HUGE fan of the TRASH TALK ZOOM MVP.

"To celebrate Earth Day on April 22, Nike has set to release the Nike Zoom MVP Trash Talk in black/purple and white/orange. The Trash Talk’s respect Earth Day because they use 100% recycled and recyclable materials, including black leather and synthetic leather leftovers, rubber from Nike Grind recycle material, polyester, and used EVA. Even the box uses recycled fiber to give the finishing touch to a certainly respectable shoe. No trash talk here except for that of eco-friendly materials. The black leather upper of the first pair is offset by a purple suede swoosh, and the white leather upper of the second is offset by a white swoosh with an orange outline. The stitching design on the side panel definitely adds some flavor to this celebratory pair of sneakers. "

So you know I managed to get a few pairs of the ZOOM MVP TRASH TALK. 3 pairs in all! Hey I'm just trying to do my part. Big shout out to my homeboy MBIZZY from the Swoosh for looking out for "the Boy Wonder.....KID K.I.C.K.S."

1st up is the Steve Nash "ALL-STAR game edition" - Even though he did not make the squad.

Next 2 pairs were mentioned above. Released today on April 22nd, 2009 on EARTH DAY!!

What's really kool is that each pair is somewhat unique where the triangles are not identical to each other. On the right shoe it might have more shiny triangles than the left pair, making both shoes unique and different from each other. Nice details!!!


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