Friday, October 29, 2010


Here are the photos that were taken by my man Kranz of fame. Photos have been touched up and are going to be up on my website in the next couple of days. The photos were taken in the spur of the moment next to Alibi Boutique on Rachel St. in the Plateau Montreal.

Friday, October 15, 2010


So I was hanging out at the shop the other day and decided to get some photos taken. My man "I AM KRANZ" was around and I convinced him to take a few photos of me for my Website. A website that he is making for me. He does amazing work and is always cutting edge and on some next level business. Here's a preview of some of the pics that were taken. Keep in mind, they were taken with my Canon G9 Camera with natural lighting. Very basic pictures that will eventually be worked on to make it useful for my website content.

Thanks again to Kranz of "IAMKRANZ"

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I found this awesome guide by GQ magazine on "How to Buy a Watch". I'm thinking it might be helpful for some people who are looking to buy a new watch. If you're going to shell out your hard-earned cash, this will definitely steer you in the right direction. Enjoy the read and the Photos.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So I've been seeing some new pictures surfacing on the net of the 2010 Rolex Stainless Steel Submariner with the Ceramic bezel. I love the fact that it now comes with the Ceramic bezel a-la GMT-2, but I know it will reflect in the pricing. I'm not really feeling the all green Bezel and Dial on the new Submariner. I think it's too much green for my liking. Somehow I feel there is a need to have Black on a Submariner. Just something I have always recognized when I spotted another person rocking a Sub. So this brings me to Volume 2 of "MY WATCHES".

I bought this watch last year in February 2009. I went to see Bobby at Everest Jewelers in Montreal. They have a great reputation for customer service and selection. It was a choice between the SS Sub-date or the DEEP SEA Sea Dweller.

I decided on the SS Sub-Date for it's classic looks and incomparable reliability. It's a classic watch that still looks amazing today in a world infatuated with monstrous timepieces that will eventually give you tendinitis in your elbow. The Rolex Submariner has the same great design as the original from 1953. It's become Iconic over the years and is still probably the best investment when it comes to watches.

You can buy a SS Submariner and wear it for 5-10 years and still sell it for the same price or even more (depending on condition.) Not many watches can be resold for more or it's original retail price.

I don't ever see myself selling it. It's gonna stay with me and be passed on to my kids 1 day. I have been offered to sell or trade on a few occasions. A friend of mine asked me to trade it for their 50th anniversary green bezeled beauty.

Since mine is a 2009 model, it has the "ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX" engraved on the inner ring of the Bezel aka the "Flange" or "Rehaut" (in French.)

You gotta love the details like the Rolex sign on the Crown and the deployment buckle. Classic.

I absolutely love this watch and I'm extremely happy that I bought this for myself after working hard on some new projects and doing some extra gigs here and there. It's a reminder of my hard work every time I look at the watch. It's the Quintessential watch that would feel at home on any one's wrist.

Here's a few great link on the Rolex Submariner


Mr. Kuraishi Kazuki brings some more goodness for us older sneaker heads. Adidas Originals ObyO collection by Kazuki is by far my favorite lines. The collection keeps getting stronger and keeps me wanting more. Kazuki takes older classic Midsoles/Outsoles from Iconic Adidas models and creates a fresh new silhouette or adds technical materials that maintain the sneakers functionality. The latest model is another sneaker that slowly becoming a favorite of mine. The Gigfel is a high top basketball sneaker that Kazuki has managed to transform into a daily wearer by adding fresh materials and muted colorways. The New Cardinal colorway is amazing, keeping it with earth tones and leather. Perfect for the Fall weather that's sure to get colder in the next few weeks. I'll definitely be buying these along with the new Darwen sneaker by Kazuki.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Really nice looking Vintage Rolex Explorer. Rarely seen black version that's available by appointment only or at Louis Boston. Apparently the watch retails for $20 000, which is a little bit too much IMO. I'd rather get a SS white dial Daytona and throw in a SS Subdate at the same time.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I'm loving this new pair of sneakers by Kazuki Kuraishi. His ObyO collection with Adidas is simply amazing. He pairs technical materials/ideas with functionality and ends up with superb, top quality products that would fit in every man's wardrobe. I'm a HUGE fan of the Kazuki ObyO collection. These Darwens look amazing and would love to get a pair when they drop. The Subtle details and muted colorway are a sure fire hit, especially with aging sneakerheads like myself. I know these are going to be really comfortable since they share the same Midsole/Outsole of the ZX700 boats released 3 years ago. I'm heading over to the Adidas Originals Montreal store and reserving my pair right away.

Friday, October 8, 2010




Cool short video about Poker players and their watches. Video


Not sure how I feel about this watch? Not a fan of the green, especially on the Dial and the Bezel. It's a bit much. After seeing this watch, I actually appreciate the 50th Anniversary edition more. With it's Green Bezel, black dial and enlarged Hour markers. You know the price of the 2010 Green Submariner will be much higher since it now has the Ceramic bezel. I guess Rolex needed to add something to the Submariner to get a buzz going. This will definitely be a collectors piece since it's the 1st edition of the ceramic bezel Subs. Expect this watch to be back ordered or hard to get. If you do get it, it'll probably be priced a bit higher than retail. I'll pass on this watch since I'm extremely happy with my SS Rolex Sub-date.

"Earlier this year, at Baselworld 2010, Rolex unveiled new steelSubmariners with the ceramic bezel upgrade, as seen on the gold Submariners last year, and the GMT bezels the year before. Click here for a video of about the ceramic bezel production process. In comparison to aluminum, ceramic is much harder, as well as being extremely resistant to scratching.

The all steel Submariners come with either a green or black ceramic bezel. The green is $7,800 and the black is $7,400. Regardless of which color you choose, the 2010 ceramic bezel steel Submariners will be very collectable, as this is the first year of production. The demand for this particular Rolex is already high, and I've heard they are very hard to get. You may even have to a pay a premium over retail to get one. However, if you do pay a few hundred or even a thousand over MSRP, in the long run, it will more than likely pay off, because it's a Rolex"


Thursday, October 7, 2010


Although this looks real kool and different, I don't think I would pay $2000-$4000 over the actual retail price of a Rolex Submariner SS with a Nylon Nato Band. I'd settle for the Original Bad Boy and leave these for the guys who want the same thing, but slightly different. Plus these look kinda bootleg a-la Canal Street in NYC. No watch afficianado would respect this on your wrist anyways. They would probably think it's cute like a G-shock. I would just save up a bit more and track down a SS Daytona with a white face. Which will eventually be my next Rolex purchase.

"Our good friends at Hodinkee give us a look at Project X's latest releases, two stunning "Double Red" Submariners complete with G10 Nato Straps and your choice of a DLC coated case or satin finished stainless steel. "


I already own a Barbour waxed jacket and swear by them. I've had mine for over 5 years now and still rock it every fall and spring seasons. These will last you years and years, without ever going out of style. I really like the Camo lining and the Sophnet tag, but I'm sure it's gonna be over $400 for this jacket retail. Can't wait to see what this will go for in the after market.

Sophnet starts to roll out their first 11th anniversary collaborations and as expected they are high profile. First up is a jacket with Barbour. The Bedale jacket comes in the classic Barbour waxed cotton upper and features a desert camo lining, perfectly matching this season’s collection by Sophnet. The jacket will be released at Sophnet retailers on November 2nd.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This cap came out earlier this year and I slept on it. I really want this hat even though I'm not a fan of Kangols. I'm a huge UNDFTD fan and have been down with the sneakers and gear since day 1. What I like about this hat is that it uses the same twill used on baseball caps. I Love that idea. I'm in search of this and won't rest til I get it on my dome.