Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So I've been seeing some new pictures surfacing on the net of the 2010 Rolex Stainless Steel Submariner with the Ceramic bezel. I love the fact that it now comes with the Ceramic bezel a-la GMT-2, but I know it will reflect in the pricing. I'm not really feeling the all green Bezel and Dial on the new Submariner. I think it's too much green for my liking. Somehow I feel there is a need to have Black on a Submariner. Just something I have always recognized when I spotted another person rocking a Sub. So this brings me to Volume 2 of "MY WATCHES".

I bought this watch last year in February 2009. I went to see Bobby at Everest Jewelers in Montreal. They have a great reputation for customer service and selection. It was a choice between the SS Sub-date or the DEEP SEA Sea Dweller.

I decided on the SS Sub-Date for it's classic looks and incomparable reliability. It's a classic watch that still looks amazing today in a world infatuated with monstrous timepieces that will eventually give you tendinitis in your elbow. The Rolex Submariner has the same great design as the original from 1953. It's become Iconic over the years and is still probably the best investment when it comes to watches.

You can buy a SS Submariner and wear it for 5-10 years and still sell it for the same price or even more (depending on condition.) Not many watches can be resold for more or it's original retail price.

I don't ever see myself selling it. It's gonna stay with me and be passed on to my kids 1 day. I have been offered to sell or trade on a few occasions. A friend of mine asked me to trade it for their 50th anniversary green bezeled beauty.

Since mine is a 2009 model, it has the "ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX" engraved on the inner ring of the Bezel aka the "Flange" or "Rehaut" (in French.)

You gotta love the details like the Rolex sign on the Crown and the deployment buckle. Classic.

I absolutely love this watch and I'm extremely happy that I bought this for myself after working hard on some new projects and doing some extra gigs here and there. It's a reminder of my hard work every time I look at the watch. It's the Quintessential watch that would feel at home on any one's wrist.

Here's a few great link on the Rolex Submariner

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