Friday, March 6, 2009


Spotted this on nicekicks.

I wouldn't sell these......EVER!!!! Holy shit, it's only for the left shoe?!!?

1 million dollars for 1 game-worn signed shoe!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

"We all have those kicks in our life that are near and dear to our heart, in fact for some of us “priceless” is exactly that. Some All of us have those kicks that would have to be pried from us after death. How many of you have a pair of Million Dollar Air Jordans though?

Now’s you chance to pick them up, these Air Jordan VI Carmines are on eBay for a million bucks! These were worn at a game back in February 1991 against the Dallas Mavericks, signed, and then handed over to a lucky fan.

Now if I had the opportunity to have Michael Jordan hand me his shoes and sign them for me back in the early 90’s when I saw him play, these would be going to the grave with me. I guess the economy is really hitting some people hard though, because apparently priceless now equals $1,000,000.

Click here to see what Million Dollar Jordans look like"

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