Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who remembers Danny Manning??

Wow! I'm not a huge fan of Reebok, but I remember these dropping back in the days. For some reason I recall Danny Manning rocking these with the LA Clippers. And the Celtics when they all rocked Black sneakers.

But I think Danny would have been much better off wearing the swoosh!!! Like he did when he was a Kansas Jayhawks. Air Assaults in all their glory.

My childhood friend James Bulchand had these, and he balled for days. James is one of the many friends I had growing up who always had the dopest basketball shoes. I remember him rocking Air Revolutions, Air Jordan 4-5-6. I still play ball with him today (we actually had 2 games today, back-to-back) and he was rocking Air Jordan 11 retro Breds (not from the 11-12 cdp). I remember seeing him in warm-ups when he rocked them and my Jaw dropped to the floor!! He will always be my personal "Darrin Hudson" when it comes to BBall kicks. Thanks James for always making me step-up my Kicks Game!!! You are 1 of the people who got me addicted to sneakers.....Thanks a lot!?!

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