Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Kick the bo bo bo, I kick the bobo!! I kick the bobo, I'm thinking of kicking the bobo!! I'm flipping you like Marv Albert on a slow-mo, KID K.I.C.K.S. kicks the Willie Bobo!!! (Prime Minister Pete Nice)

This post goes out to my OG ACG crew and my little brother.....BO Abenojar!!!!

WOW! I can't seem to get these out of my mind since I saw these back in January @ the ISPO show in Munich. I visited the ACG booth and was blown away! Mark my words, ACG is coming back hard, 3 the hard way!!! Well here are 2 perfect examples. I can't wait to get my hands on the Salbis and get my feet in them too. I've always been a huge fan of ACG, way back when me and my friends used to rock Mowabbs, Escapes, Revaderchi, Yewtahs, Azonas, Lava Domes, Son of Lava Domes, Zions and wildwoods. Those were the days!! We rocked ACGs on our feet, wearing Levi's jeans, Champion sweaters and fitted caps. Shout out to my boys from back in the days!! Allan and Bo Abenojar (who rocked Azonas and Escapes, My cousin Jonathan Flores (I still have his OG pair of Mowabbs, Errol Boucaud Jr. (Escapes), Shawn "Furley" Oliver, James Sharpe (the OG ACG cat from St-Bruno - Son of Lava Dome) and all the other cats that rocked that ACG.

I recall wearing Mowabbs, Zions, Escapes (mids and lows), yewtahs and the daddy of them all, Son of Lava Dome lows Escape edition!!! Ah! the memories!!

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