Thursday, July 23, 2009


So I recently got a Fixed Gear Bike built for my shop to kinda help promote the store (and also help get me around and help me stay fit). The Bike was inspired by the Nike Air Trainer 1 Chlorophyl (aka McEnroe's or Bo Jackson's - click the Bo Jackson link to see the OG commercial).

It's a favorite sneaker of mine so I got Dylan Adair (Faux Amis) to help me come up with the concept. Dylan helped me with the design and sourcing the right parts.

It all starts with the Volume Cutter Frame (3rd generation). I LOVE the logo for the company!! It's a Sub woofer and since I DJ, it was perfect!

B43 rims. Fi'zi:k seat. BMX inspired handle bars and grips (I was really into BMX when I was growing up). Profile Hubs. We sourced Anodized green MKS pedals, spoke nipples & crank plate bolts. Miche seat post. Finally, a carbon fibre fork that anchors the front end.

After deciding on the parts, I got Sylvester from Brakeless to build it and put it together. Many thanks to the Brakeless crew for taking the time to build my bike on such short notice. Gotsole decals were from Sticky Media and they were put on by Rob (speakerbruiser - Thanks again for hooking up the job on the BMX handle bars, it looks dope).

I'm extremely happy with the bike and ride it regularly. I'm currently brakeless and working on riding it properly. I guess it will take sometime and patience (maybe a helmet and a bell would help...LOL.)

If you wanna checkout my bike, swing by the shop to get a better look.

gotsole consignment located @ 5259 Parc Ave. (corner fairmount).

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