Thursday, August 12, 2010


I'm a HUGE watch aficionado. It's been a couple of years that I've really been into timepieces. A few years back, I realized that I didn't own a a good watch. I didn't wear any jewelry, no rings or chains. So I thought to myself, why don't I buy myself a really good watch since I don't wear any accessories of any kind. I remember years ago, I read an article in GQ magazine that stated "every man should own a really nice watch that is classic and goes with their respective lifestyle". This has always stuck in my mind. So every time I look into buying a watch, I make sure it fits my lifestyle and would go with my wardrobe. I play quite a bit of sports (specifically basketball), so most of my watches tend to be sporty. But I also enjoy wearing suits for special nights or occasions, so I had to get myself a nice suit watch.

So I figured that I would blog about some of the watches I own and watches that I would LOVE to get. So first up is my latest acquisition.


I got this amazing watch from the man known as "Mr. Omega", Hans from Montreal. He's been repairing Omega watches for over 30 years and is 1 of the North America's top Omega specialists in terms of repairs and servicing. This watch's original owner was an Airplane maintenance mechanic who bought it brand new in 1972.

Hans acquired it from the Original owner and added it to his own personal collection. "In all the years of servicing Omega watches, this is only the 2nd Speedmaster Mark II that was worth adding to his collection. Hans had his first Speedmaster Mark II years before, but regrettably sold it to another client of his.

I still don't know how I managed to convince Hans to sell me this watch from his personal collection. I think a good buddy of mine Paysano had a lot to do with it. Thanks again for helping me get this watch. I owe you, BIG!!!

So I somehow managed to get this watch from Hans. I know he was reluctant to sell it because he was hesitant when handing it over to me. So I had to reassure him that "I would NEVER sell this watch. It will stay in my family and will be passed on from me to my kids."

"The Speedmaster Professional Mark II was introduced in 1969 and marks the first departure from the main moonwatch line to have been made available to the general public. This model along with the Mark IV are the only models of the Mark Series to consistently have the Professional moniker... Only some Mark III's and no Mark V's are marked "Professional", while all Mark II's and Mark IV's are." - Link

Here's a great link about these rare and collectible watches. I'm proud to be an owner of such a great looking watch that will continue to stand the test of TIME!!!

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