Saturday, December 26, 2009


So I guess you all know that I've slowly migrated over to the Adidas camp as of late. I just feel they are much more consistent than Nike has been over the past few months. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a NIKEHEAD for life. It's just that Nike has been lacking in the WOW factor lately and have become predictable and often boring. Jordan Brand is Hurting (been like that for quite a while, except for TB3's and Space jams w/ outsoles that will yellow to piss after wearing it 10 times or more.) Kobe and Lebron are handling things on the Basketball court (God I love the Muppets commercials.) NSW puts out some Realness - Just checkout the Loopwheeler sweaters, M-65s, Tier 0 releases (Blazers, Patta Air max 1s) and Maharam collections to name a few.

Adidas on the other hand has put out some exciting releases. Mainly the Originals stuff that includes Kazuki (Neighborhood), David Beckham (designed by James Bond of Undefeated fame), Ransom collection, Five-two 3 artists series, Consortium releases (too many to name), etc.....

Here's a fine example of how Adidas is killing the game right now. There are so many Dope releases that came out this year in terms of both Sneakers and Clothing, not mention Gear. But in my opinion, the NEIGHBORHOOD (kazuki) X ADIDAS waterproof peacoat was the BEST item released in 2009.

Kazuki took a classic, essential staple (something everyone should own), the PEACOAT. And made it into something that is truly innovative, yet true to it's original form. How do I know this?? What's the proof?? I own 3 other Peacoats that I wear rotating on a daily basis. I have given them all up for this ULTIMATE peacoat. They have been put away and will eventually be up for sale or donated. That's how much I LOVE this Peacoat.

Here are the details if you were wondering why it was so special.

"Classic naval silhouette from the brand new Adidas Originals by Originals Kazuki Kuraishi collection. Taking the famous Peacoat design and adding a typically modern, Kuraishi twist, this version features zip closure pockets and waterproof and breathable Diaplex construction as well as the Neighborhood x Adidas logo. This is a great combination of old and new, and one of the best pieces from this impressive collection

Diaplex Waterproof Construction

Taped Seams

Embroidered Adidas x NBHD Logo on Collar

Anchor Button Detail

Inner Zip Pocket

Zip Closure Front Pockets with Zip Pull Branding"

What is Diaplex??

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries announces the development of a whole new generation of "smart fabric" technology for the outerwear industry.

Taking aerospace technology and applying it to clothing may seem a far stretch but for the corporation that updated the Mars Rover, and develops giant airplane turbines and refrigerator "crisper" drawers, creating the future is a natural step.

Molecular design research led to the creation of the "shape memory polymer", a microscopic molecular structure that offers astounding new properties and performance for a whole variety of products.

This incredibly flexible, futuristic product changes its properties to meet the user's immediate needs. From flexi-grip spoons for arthritic hands, rigid intravenous tubing which softens internally to eliminate discomfort for hospital patients, to parka's that keep the skiers warm during rest but completely cool and dry during activity, DiAPLEX truly does it all!

DiAPLEX is the ultimate answer to the unique needs of apparel for the active outdoor sports. A shape memory polymer laminate attached to a variety of fashionable, yet functional fabrics, DiAPLEX adapts to whatever conditions it encounters, from a raging blizzard in Nepal to a sudden shower in Maui.

A major breakthrough, heads above the competition, DiAPLEX is simultaneously and completely waterproof, windproof, and breathable.

Here are some pictures of my very own Adidas X Neighborhood Peacoat. In Navy of course!!!

I was really excited with most of Adidas releases this past year. Mainly the Porter Nizzas, Xlarge Superstars, Nom de Guerre and Maharishi forums and Pochoir Superstars just to name a few. I look forward to what Adidas has to offer in 2010. It feels good to know that there will be freshness on the horizon. I'm truly excited. You too????


  1. First off, your writing is getting really good. Bordering on amazing.
    Nuff said.

    Also. I agree. I love that coat. It was the thing that caught my eye most at the launch.. I like everything about it buy the price tag. 700$ is way to expensive.
    Water proof or not.

    As for being a NikeHead for life... I could see you comin over to the striped side...I say Just do it.


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  3. hey! do you want to sell your jacket? I've been looking for this for a while...